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The Ultimate Budapest travel guide for 2017

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  1. White Knight45 Reply

    Goulash isn't national dish it's just most famous

  2. White Knight45 Reply

    If u can't pronounce even 1 fuckin word properly u might as well just say da names of places in English u dumb fuk

  3. BOBBY VATS Reply

    Beautiful vlog about Budapest. 👍👍

  4. Arnold tbx Reply

    I love Budapest thank you for this beautiful video

  5. Thomas Schäfer Reply

    Eine.schön stadt

  6. Ivett Anna Reply

    The river is called Duna not Danu but thanks its a nice video :))

  7. Agee327 Reply

    Thank you for the video! Heading to Budpest in September. Can't wait.

  8. Jaya Barman Reply

    very very helpful…gonna visit in March…

  9. Christian Koncz Reply

    Architecturr, Blueberry (Burberry) and Nik(e) were just some of the words you mispronounced :)))))))) … I admit the video was hilarious in an endearing sort of way.

  10. Chiara Carlotta Reply

    Very nice! Watch my videos about Budapest if you want to see more!

  11. Zoltán Zaka Reply

    Szép munka 🙂

  12. joel bayen Reply

    Nice video, clever and informative. Just miss the museeums. But for a 2 day trip it's perfect. Thanks.

  13. 2.0 Mr.c4 Reply

    This fancy

  14. Sue Snowden Reply

    Best travel video we've seen. Thank you! We'll enjoy our trip in a couple of weeks 😉

  15. Shannon Lohan Reply

    bluberry lol i think you mean burberry 🙂 great video cant wait to go to Budapest!

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