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The best places in the world to travel in 2016 | Lonely Planet

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  1. Sergej Ananko Reply

    Kotor just amazing ….. breathtaking place!!! strongly agree with lonely planet

  2. yusuf muritala akorede Reply

    I will be in mecca for the next haji

  3. Michael Gibbens Reply

    Awesome video amigo. Would really appreciate feedback on my European Road Trip film!

  4. fifagamer29 Reply

    What is the music in this video?

  5. William Macky Reply

    I'll be in Transylvania in April for nine weeks. Looking forward to it

  6. Karl Dela Cruz Reply


  7. L Gea99 Reply

    Was in Kotor last month and it's a truly great historic walled town.Getting there though the bay is really awesome.
    When you're in that region don't leave without visiting Dubrovnik in Croatia.
    The true pearl of the Adriatic -simply gobsmacking!

  8. TrueType Reply

    At first sight I thought it was maisie williams

  9. Collect Moments Reply

    Great List ! My top 10 is a little bit different but botswana is definitely on my bucket list right now

  10. kee ska Reply

    I love Thailand. Just came back from my trip, tons of fun!!! here is a video from the trip

  11. madi w Reply

    Where is the place shown at the very end of the video?

  12. Waiting for you in Montenegro 😉 Kotor is an amazing city!

  13. Conrad Nitzsche Reply

    Where is the last shot (1:45) in the video from?

  14. Andrew Johnson Channel Reply

    great place to go!

  15. Lily Grantcharova Reply

    This inspired me to make a trip with my school. I've organized a school trip to Ireland, Austria and Germany for 2 weeks in July of 2016. If you or any fans happen to see this, help make our journey a reality at . Once again, thank you so much for this video. Very well done.

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  17. Yorlin Sanchez Reply

    que chevere conocer viajar vivir eso es vivir me encataria pasarla asi …..

  18. Ward Oliveira Reply

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    Sooo many nice places to travel – Simply not enough time!

  20. SMS Frankfurt Group Travel Reply

    VERY NICE IDEAS – GREAT TRIPS! Thank you very much for sharing 🙂

  21. Pascal Erb Reply

    Hi Lonely Planet great content, just subbed for more

  22. Alex Atkind Reply

    This is great.

  23. Adina Maxim Reply

    Hi, I am Romanian professional hiking guide and I`m organising a hiking trip in Transylvania for 7 days between 20 June – 20 July. Start day not established yet.If you want to join, please let me a message here.

  24. 14Vendetta88 Reply

    Transylvania (Erdély) – MAGYAR (Hungarian)!

  25. Billy Bob Bunton Reply

    Kotor is definitely the one to go for.

  26. Jordan Advertising Reply

    Great video and great shots!

  27. HowTube Reply

    Great video, love it, we just traveled for 9 months without any working. Here are 5 tips how to travel on a budget::

  28. An Lac Arizona Reply

    wow i wish i would have the money to travel with my daughter this year

  29. Dana Joan Reply

    these 2 people make traveling look fun. would go cuz well made video. thanks for upload.

  30. danny lee Reply

    thắng lợi 😉 🎈 ⭐ 🌵 :p 😉 (y) 🌙 🍅 ⚡ ^_^ 💞 🌙 ⚡ 🌸

  31. Ibrahim Kashmiri Reply

    Bombay…..Love it.

  32. Kai OBrien Reply

    how do you plan a trip like this?

  33. Mel1lvar Reply

    100% agree on Botswana, a strong government thats actually attempting to distribute its wealth AND protects its valuable ecology.

  34. om shrestha Reply

    Best place in the world

  35. Melony Benitez Reply

    what was the song to this ?

  36. Narostai Reply

    Montenegro looks great !!

  37. Adventurous Travels Reply

    Try also visit those places that are never featured in the mainstream media. Don't go where it's trendy, go where no one goes to experience real adventure and amazing surprise. I've been traveling the world for some time and those places that tourists never go to turned out to be the best: Albania, Kazakhstan, Greenland, Turkmenistan, Amazon jungle, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia etc… You'll never see those places on such lists. Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia are so close from Montenegro shown here, so do see them! Albania has unique, wild white sand beaches and Macedonia beautiful medieval towns and a crazy, diverse capital Skopje.

  38. andrea s Reply

    I am from Transylvania! It is very beautiful indeed…

  39. T Lannister Reply

    Transylvania, the Hungarian heritage.

  40. Cristian Adrian Reply

    TRANSYLVANIAA Be aware 😀
    Top CASTLES in Transilvania: 1st is BRAN; 2nd CORVIN; 3rd PELES; 4th POENARI, by far SURPRISING.
    Best Fortress: 1st is RASNOV; 2nd DEVA; 3rd BIERTAN Fortifield Church; 4th FAGARAS FORTIFIELD; 5th NEAMTULUI.
    TOP CITIES: 1st SIBIU ( Europe's Culture capital 2006); 2nd CLUJ-NAPOCA; 3rd BRASOV; 4th SIGHISOARA.
    Google these names and check, if you agree thumbs up.
    Montenegro and Transilvania amoung the top favorite BALKAN'S destinations.

  41. Tizz Ny Reply


  42. marrydruli Reply

    Romania, Transylvania, my love! <3

  43. ntwa dumela Reply


  44. AKI PHU NHÂN Vlog Reply

    so nice

  45. BC Travel and Tours Corporation Reply

    Amazing 😀

  46. Greg Snell Reply

    Fantastic edit guys!! And great choices for 2016 🙂 Love it.

  47. Lover Yoga Reply

    Wow! Impressive!!!!

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