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Morocco Travel Guide 2016

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  1. Language Lover Reply

    2/6/11;02mm i ston "/" allakse to ida apo 11;01->11;02 teeelospandonssnsnsn 2/6/2017.
    ELPIZO NA TAKSIDEPSOEKEIPERAKAPOTE! to 2017 einai etos aravikon xoron kai erimu aegiptu klp makari na pigena fetos! 🙁 elpizo fetos na matho kai arketa kala aravik'a! 🙁 TLM <3 heartbroken…

  2. noracan Reply

    shame on you for contributing to their economy based on human degredation and suppression of human rights.

  3. laal ain Reply

    who is here from imran khan's song?

  4. Siffat Khalil Reply

    love from Pakistan, beautiful country with gold heart peoples…

  5. Mario Capo Reply

    Haha smart Arab make white peoples splash their money

  6. Sanaz Gholitabar Reply

    it is so scary

  7. Travel Services Morocco Reply

    Great Video 🙂

  8. Pika YT Reply

    I don't like morrocco because i visited it and i comed home with an virus.
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  9. Aegean A Reply

    Love Morocco and Moroccan people. From Turkey 🇹🇷🇲🇦💪🏽

  10. aneeq chohan Chohan Reply

    lot of love for Morocco from Pakistan <3 ad i have a best friend from Morocco Casablanca <3 i want to delight my life in Morocco too Insha Allah one day i will come to Morocco on Tourism

  11. Abdul Moeed Reply

    As Salam Alekum my brothers and sisters from Morocco. I am from Islamabad the capital of Pakistan. Sending love and respect from Pakistan. We consider Morocco as our Islamic brother. Cheers

  12. Ayman Aynaou Reply

    Marokko is een vrede land iedereen is welkom

  13. yahya jama Reply

    and poverty

  14. Ike Fanfan Reply


  15. Hayat Afridi Reply

    Love to visit Morocco. dream land.

  16. Hayat Afridi Reply

    Love to visit Morocco…


    Country of IBN BATTUTA …Famous Name in Indian Visiter History

  18. Meena Dhesi Reply

    my brother went

  19. Hoover Reply

    Does anyone know the desert tour company they used for the Sahara overnighter?

  20. Nazar Rabi Reply

    very nice I have seen and walk all the way to toubkal mountain. and I am going again in July to love spending my money in Marco…

  21. Amaaaaan1 Reply

    what a trip!

  22. iReez Reply

    Masyaa Allah… such a wonderful country with very interesting architectures and beautiful craftsmanship. Would love to visit here anytime soon. Can anybody suggest where to stay?

  23. lina nur Reply

    i want to visit morroco inchaallah..

  24. Abdirashid Harun Reply

    i love morocco i'm from somalia god bless you morocco

  25. Cellar Door Reply

    I will visit one day. Hello from New Zealand.

  26. Said Ait Reply

    welcome everybady

  27. 3世 村正 Reply

    LOOK AT 0:37

    morocco: great place to go sandboarding 😀

  28. Controversial Happiness Reply

    Definitely adding morocco onto my countries I want to visit list

  29. ayoub negao Reply

    welcome in morocco

  30. Haris Zorro Reply

    Going Morocco next month inshallah

  31. toqa abdelkafey Reply

    i like morocco bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaf !!
    wish i go there one day 🙂
    sister from: Cairo.

  32. morrisonien Reply

    Gosh, i'm Moroccan and i hadn't the opportunity to discover my country 🙁

  33. SunnyKhan688 Reply

    One of my favorite countries

  34. Светлана Джагалова Reply

    всем привет скажите пожалуста маракко там на каком языке общается на арабском или по другом

  35. Queen Queenly Reply


  36. Eka Natha Permana Reply

    wow its amazing…

  37. Somelezo Matolengwe Reply

    Lost a beautiful Moroccan girl 😔 rejected her coz she's Muslim and I'm "Christian". I don't mind that now but she's Gone. Moroccans are awesome man. What a loss 💔

  38. Sijo Reply

    i want to visit next year it looks like such a beautifull country with great people. im white canadian is it safe for me?

  39. barcawi87 Reply

    i love my beautiful country Morocco 😍😍

  40. Jose Herjaes Reply


  41. st Thaweewong Reply


  42. Lina Tahiri Reply

    This is what we call the extreme tourism,as a Moroccan ,I never had the chance to do it,wonderful experience and very brave tourists

  43. Zahra Bush Reply

    I am half Morocco

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