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Marshall Islands, Pacific Islands travel destination

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  1. Darrell Bowens Reply

    i am so sorry for what was done there in the 1940's and the 1950's. i think america should do more to help the people there.

  2. Bambang Edi Nugroho Reply

    good luck , republic of marshall for tourism !!! conratulation. bu…y , buy !!!

  3. Dan Torre Reply

    1:55 Consist of 29 axxholes! Lol

  4. Jenn Eckelman Reply

    disgusting please wake up everyone. we destroyed the islands with nuclear testing. research..

  5. Jenn Eckelman Reply

    ironic they don't mention bikini atoll was the nuclear testing ground for the united states. The united stated performed 23 nuclear tests which ruined peoples lives as well as destroying the ecosystem. Now, we want to profit from the islands? god bless the ignorant soul. 🙁 it breaks my heart to see this…

  6. Putin n' Kim Jong Reply

    What are the downsides to working on Kwajalein? Any warnings?

  7. islandboy 67 Reply

    Is it an american protectorate too?

  8. The Jackal Reply

    10/10 would bang the chick 🙂

  9. Mike Fu Reply

    Excuse me sir, would you like a side of Cesium-120  with those crab cakes?

  10. 2000coco Reply

    Right ..and of course you wouldn't go to Ebeye – the squalor Americans created to isolate the Marshallese to..

  11. Alireza Yami Reply

    10:26 Looks like coconut crab is still alive!!  🙁
    Anyway, I cannot even imagine living in such a remote place for years and whenever I need something, I have to buy it online, pay whopping extra for shipping overseas and wait forever to get it and never ever can return due to return shipping fees. Of course IF sellers ship their merchandise overseas. Most of them even do not ship to AL, PR, HI, VI.

  12. TheAithWONDER Reply

    I'd love to visit all the beautiful Islands of the Pacific but especially the Marshall Islands for Marshall is my Sir name.

  13. Stellarch Reply

    I wouldn't have thought that Bikini was open to diving. There's still some radioactivity out there. The H Bomb aka Thermonuclear Bomb was born there. The Castle Bravo test in February 1954 ( expected to be 5 MT and turned out to be 15 MT, that is a thousand times Hiroshima ) left a massive hole in the atoll 2 km wide and 60 meters deep. This part of bikini atoll was vaporized and where there was land now there's the sea.

    Plus there are tons of sunken ships ( German, Japanese and US boats ) at the bottom of the lagoon as the result of underwater atomic tests to see how military boats would hold when a nuke was detonated below the water ( Operation Crossroads, Baker Shot in July 1946 ).

    Most of the radioactivity is gone but there's still some left. I would like to visit the place though 🙂

  14. tucson34 Reply

    Marshall island is a great place to all those people they want to travel to all around the world.


    lived on kwaj for 8 years almost heaven lol

  16. Grandpa the Grey Reply

    Lived on Kwaj 5 years. Loved it.

  17. Sam Houston Reply

    Only been to Kwajalein for stay over night flights but have been able to get a feel of the life there. Would like to get lost there for a couple of years.

  18. greylynnjr Reply

    marshall hawaii they are loved

  19. Golden Sliver Reply

    and giant great white sharks

  20. Daughnie Felix Reply

    Komol tata

  21. Keston 143 Reply

    That was NOT A Marshallese song lol

  22. Wolfgod V2 Reply


  23. Wolfgod V2 Reply

    I'm marshallese and its safe for tourists and forigners

  24. leddikinmajol Reply

    I live there and im marshallese

  25. surya17 Reply

    it looks absolutely wonderful, is it safe for tourists/foreigners?

  26. malangope Reply

    Is there any nuclear fallout left on those island since the nuclear tests?

  27. ukulelevis Reply

    Nice video of the Marshall Islands

  28. Rochelle Asuncion Reply

    I wanna go here so badly!

  29. cocol270 Reply

    einwot emman kareleel kane

  30. caspcaps Reply

    why were u banned from marshal islands?

  31. suvaloo Reply

    I wanna go there…

  32. MarshalleseGirl Reply

    @thezigzagman87 ah i have to say only in Majuro and Ebeye cuz they throw trashes at the ocean

  33. Ukii Reply

    same with me. Just I'm from Kiribati.

  34. Edori Reply

    My mother was born and raised there and i went there when i was an infant but now im 15 and i wanna know so much about my culture and what its love

  35. Timothy Judah Reply

    the place where I'm from…

  36. SEL GATAAH Reply

    Komoltata for the video, and for the effort.. well done!.. I like the way he changes gear on his outrigger to make the sail go like hel!!!

  37. i am KiriMars Reply

    Yo !!! the Host is Dangerously Hot!lolz
    Nice Vids tho 😉

  38. NowKillYourself Reply

    I'd like to be stuck on a diserted island with her.

  39. mezou boushi Reply

    best son

  40. DJ buka Reply


  41. thezigzagman87 Reply

    Take it from a marshallese guy, the water there may not be the cleanest in reality. From trash to radiation from like 49 nuclear bomb tests during the world war II times have dirtied our waters up. Its still a great place to go, just not as clean as they say.

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