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Darjeeling, India – Travel Guide and Attractions

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  1. Nishant Kumar Reply

    very beautiful place

  2. Anupam Kumar Reply

    my sister is going there tomarrow

  3. Anupam Kumar Reply


  4. Kakali Mandal Reply

    tell me the hotel name

  5. Debarnab Karjee Reply


  6. kee sun Reply

    Mark you should climb up the himalayas,momos are amazing up there😘

  7. Sita Limbu Reply

    I visited Darjeeling last year in September but i found Darjeeling very dirty and I hardly stayed 1.5 days…

  8. Pratima Jha Reply

    Darjalling is the part of Nepal not India .

  9. Raj Reply

    I just got back from Darjeeling. Please do check out the montage of Darjeeling in my channel.

  10. Ripunj Khadka Reply

    i am travelling soon there as well very excited indeed

  11. KOAN ! Reply

    to all the people who say darjeeling is a part of nepal..well nepal was a part of india once..just like budhism comes from hinduism..iam not tryna brag about my religion or country iam just telling its all ours or none..and yeah i follow no religion no race no hatered… all are equals to me

  12. Vincent Nadugaddi Reply

    Hey Mark, which hotel were you staying in when you were in Darjeeling?

  13. TheGamingIndian Reply

    I see the East India Company did its job really well. We seem to still be fighting among one another over what belongs where ad to whom instead of trying to unite.
    All hail the once mighty East India Company!

  14. Vinay Gawli Reply

    Hi Mark, what part of the year did you visit Darjeeling?

  15. dinesh raj singh Reply

    My loveli place

  16. rahyun kim Reply

    mark you were there?

  17. Kamal budhathoki Reply


  18. Luiz Miranda Reply

    Aren't the sikhs as violent against non-muslims as the rest of the arab use to be?

  19. AsausaShizuka92 Reply

    Gorgeous view… (°o°)

  20. Patel Vidhu Reply

    Darjeeling is one of the best place to visit. Very peaceful and green.

  21. Souradipta Ghosh Reply

    nepal is the part of India

  22. Manoj Kumar Reply

    its in nepal

  23. vinod nagula Reply

    proud to be indian

  24. Prasad Subba Reply

    it is a best idea for tourist.

  25. dilli prasad sharma Reply

    I watched the video , which is more informative for visitors / tourists who want to visit there.

  26. Abhijeet Das Reply


  27. rohit total Reply

    beautiful place Darjeeling

  28. Rohan Sharma Reply

    my home town

  29. Neil M Reply

    Hey Mark, have you been to Sunderban, in West Bengal? If not, I'll suggest you to go there.

  30. Dipa Sengupta Reply


  31. Raj Mozumder Reply

    Hi, I am a travel guide from West Bengal, India. If you are planning to visit India I can be your travel guide. You can contact me here.

  32. Ram M Reply

    @3:33 + ;look the way he is enjoying the food. We need to taste it by closing the eyes and eat. this is a bliss rather than hurry eating or thinking something else while eating

  33. Reply

    Great Video

  34. Rojal Shrestha Reply

    Darzeeling is like Nepal. as a matter of fact, darzeeling was Nepal before until Sugauli Treaty.

  35. Jatin Bisht Reply

    old tiger shroff..

  36. samsara Reply

    u know darjeeling is the window of eastern himalayas u can virtually see all the three ranges of the great himalayas during a clear day

  37. Farhan Tanvir Reply

    what was your hotel name from where kanchanjangha is seen?

  38. sachin singh Reply

    I love u darjiling…. 😘😘😘 miss u soo mch… U beauty

  39. Subrata Reply

    i have go there 4 timess

  40. Kopila Rai Reply

    in reality daarjiling is of nepal

  41. PARAS BAROT Reply

    people saying Darjeeling was once part of Nepal and should be in Nepal must also know throughout history geography of many countries have changed, at once Afghanistan , srilanka and parts of Thailand were controlled by different Indian kings , but today India can't claim on all those..

  42. Rabi Barman Reply

    I have went there for 5 times i am from siliguri and my district is darjeeling .Tha video which I have posted I have seen that all thanks

  43. Rupak kafle Reply

    Darjeeling,Nepal 🙂

  44. longhorn789000 Reply

    whats the best time to visit?

  45. Manish Gurung Reply

    M proud to be Nepali

  46. Manish Gurung Reply

    Darjaling not india darjaling nepal

  47. Manish Gurung Reply

    Darjaling is Nepal not india aba Nepali haru le darjaling sikkim firta laune din najikai aisakyo jay nepal

  48. shohidul hossain Reply

    Name of the hotel u stayed ?

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