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Budapest Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

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  1. MrAdy0207 Reply

    is budapest better than prague?

  2. Q8 Rising Reply

    Omg i love Europe so much 😍😍😍❤️

  3. Can Talu MAVİOĞLU Reply

    where is the istanbul travel guide?

  4. John Junod Reply

    Spectacular video! Truly exceptional cinematography – WOW!!! Can't wait to visit now. Magnificent work Expedia.

  5. kenonifty Reply

    I toured central Europe seven years ago and almost did Budapest  -I really regret not doing it after seeing this…breathtaking.

  6. Aaron Richards Reply

    5:12 "lose yourself in the jewish quarter"

    sign says money exchange.
    cheeky, lol.

  7. riky rr Reply

    nice one 🙂 next Turkey please

  8. Doniyor Iminov Reply

    very very popular city. it's my dream

  9. WoofWoofGam3r PS3/PS1/PSP Reply

    Please do Bucharest

  10. Guy Harold Reply

    Who writes the scripts? They are great.

  11. Nipponjin 日本 Reply

    Keep up the good work, Budapest!! Please don't accept any refugees!!!

  12. KONSUELO (ОКСАНА*****) Reply

    Thanks, that's interesting.

  13. Anamika Chakraborty Reply

    l am spell bound after watching the beauty of the city….many many thanks and hats off to expedia…..wish you all the best

  14. adamsendler388 Reply

    I'm under a huge impression of what I've just watched!!!Budapest is just bueautiful , so bright and colourful,full of splendid artefacts.One fine day I will wisit the Hungarian capital city and get to know my Hungarian friends because Hungarians and Poles are like brothers and friends.

  15. Mayank Pundeer Reply

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  16. RBHD Reply

    I just started my youtube channel. Please help me out guys and subscribe to my channel. I have some good content coming up

  17. Vadi Holmgren Reply

    Amazing city!!!

  18. Tri Wahyu Murni Reply

    i will be there

  19. D E A D S P A C E Reply

    backpacked through Eastern Europe last year around this time. Budapest was absolutely breathtaking. I walked all around the Castle district until meet feet started to hurt and still danced all night. If you need a cheap hostel, stay at the Full Moon Hostel, close to Club Remix(Don't go there, its awful) the hostel has a club attached to it that you get free entry into with your stay in the hostel for only 10 euros. Club Tesla is a good place to stop at if you like EDM and House music, danced all night by myself. The gay bars are awesome too…anyway, I love Budapest, definitely going back…

  20. Jean-Daniel MOOSER Reply

    Le Le Grand Cayon

  21. Ble D Reply

    Which one would I choose Rome or Budapest? I will go there with Christmas. I'm from Holland.

  22. Khnawher 2910 Reply

    Khnawher 2910Dear Expedia, I just would like to let you know that your Vacation Travel Guides are just breathtaking. The way the cities are filmed and how hall the information about them is expressed is simply amazing! But, in my personal opinion, the biggest wonder in your videos is the music. It fits perfectly with what is shown in the video and it keeps your eyes glued to the screen till the end gently comes. At this point I would love to know who is the composer of so much beauty. I implore you Expedia, make my dream (and probably  the one of many other people) became true.

  23. amanda h! Reply


  24. Aaron Arias Reply

    You guys should do a video on Guadalajara, Mexico

  25. Subodh Khanal Reply

    His voice is like Freeman's.

  26. HearThis Reply

    love the video

  27. Estrellet Launtell Reply


  28. Bibi Pi Reply

    I am fon hugary and I like it, Budapest is very very very beuautyfoul

  29. CaptainGamer Playz Reply

    Can you film Delhi

  30. xx Martinxxx Reply

    like aki magyar 😀

  31. Oliver Bereznai Reply

    Dear Expedia, Can you please share the name of the soundtrack of this video? Thank you!

  32. xxx Reply

    Beautiful city friends.Greetings from Poland.

  33. Snowflakes Academy of Travel Reply

    All AMAZING Videos. . .

  34. Luke Sohnly Reply

    This is my favorite YouTube channel, I can't stop watching your videos!

  35. Konstantin Reply


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