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  1. ChloeNomNom XOXO Reply

    her: keep all that on your phone? it's 2014!
    me: catch up with time gal… it's 2017

  2. Kid Motivate Reply

    I definitely would roll my clothes, when I recently went to Cuba, I had to roll my clothes because I was having to keep 10 days worth of clothes in one back pack. Using labeled ziplock bags helps when you need to find something quickly.

  3. Doggy De Nile Reply

    Now It's 2017…

  4. Nishat Blagh Reply

    I died laughing when she said it was 2014 XD

  5. Miles Beining YA, AFA Reply

    Those people are WAY too happy about packing.

  6. Princess Ichigo Reply

    Okay to be fair I would'nt call that folding.

  7. armenianchik Reply

    better to bring hard copies if anything happens to your phone you have a backup!

  8. abdu 777 Reply

    it 2016 lol

  9. Hee Yun Reply

    I have about 17 contact cases so… I guess I have enough for everything I have

  10. Kitten Witch Reply

    They essentially made this video x3

  11. Jaslin Gill Reply

    The belt in the collar is good

  12. vanvlove 789 Reply

    I lay my clothes flat. I usually fit my whole closet in there with room for more when I'm packing after a semester.

  13. Unicorn Lover Reply

    Its 2014 im watching this in 2016🙃

  14. sophia libang Reply

    you can also put ur rolled up clothes in a bag to save EVEN MORE space.

  15. Maricela Huidor Figueroa Reply

    Just pack a few items. Whenever I travel I pack a change of clothes for each day plus a few fancy clothes. Well at the end of the trip I end up using only max 3 outfits. Now I pack very little.

  16. TotallyRandom Reply

    Was this really two years ago omg

  17. Suren Xavier Reply

    I absolutely love the backdrop music WHAT IS IT?? and who is the Indian guy hes cool

  18. Yuridiana Reply

    so was this is what he was doing before his plane crash… haha anyone watch Wrecked?

  19. Kinda useful Reply

    My #1 packing hack is to not pack, I don't go on trips.

    but in all honesty, my best trick is to take your favourite toy. And if you don't have one then buy one! Not a small one or a giant one, and not a stiff one or a super floppy one, A medium sort-of stiff toy. It gives me comfort (sorry if it doesn't work for you!)

  20. molly sandiford Reply

    Yah it's two years later a better shoe back is to put them in a shower cap it saves a little more space. They could fit more clothes in when they folded them. Also, they could have saved way more space rolling the clothes up more tightly.

  21. wonderspace90 Reply

    Yes my dad told me the same thing.

  22. Ella O'Kelly Reply

    this was soo tacky 😣😣

  23. Cinncinno Reply

    Just saying, that dude who folded the clothes didn't do a nice job doing it..

  24. Captain Momo Reply

    I think you guys should make a video about packing for an anime convention.

    Seriously, have you tried packing a top hat, a walking cane, a plastic bat and a frying pan in one bag, along with several dresses, coats and dressy shirts? It just doesn't really work out, especially considering going home with merchandise. (Don't forget the makeup and the food!)

  25. Maya Crowe Reply

    Wasn't this just recycled from the other travel hacks by buzzfeed

  26. Xxsackman15xX Reply

    When bringing a luggage make it look like it is s child's luggage. People that steal luggage don't want kids items.

  27. Juliet Fernandez Reply

    my packing hacks are throwing all stuff in the bag

  28. Osku Halenius Reply

    Place your socks to inside of your shoes

  29. Rhedding Galko Reply

    " It's that easy!" What? I processed none of that. Especially the tux part.

  30. Ryan Ze Reply

    Oh no I'm lazy

  31. Queen of Lions Reply

    When she said it's 2014 I scream it said ITS 2016 LADY

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