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20 Things to do in Athens Greece Travel Guide

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  1. Hannah Baker Reply

    why go to Philopapous when you can go to Vrahakia

  2. Omar Luna Reply

    Great video and good reccomendations, thanks!

  3. philipposathina Reply

    Ηi guys! First of all thank you so much for all you said and showed about my city. Trouth is that your tour was too touristic, in the sense that your otherwise so beautiful video did not catch much of the places where real life in Athens takes place. You didn't show much or at all the old historical center of the city which is also its popular shoping center, you did not showed any of the amazing subway stations, you missed "Gazi" and Technopolis, the most popular outing areas for the younger and not only Athenians which is actually very closed to Kerameikos cemetery which you visited ( actually "Kerameikos" is also the metro station for Gazi which is for Athens what "Village" was or is for N. York), you did not take the tram for a ride across the city's beautiful riviera, you did not even visited Piraeus, Athens's famous port city… i could mention a lot of other things you shoud have done while in Athens, visiting suburbs, monasteries, museums, the Olympic sport center, etc etc, but i guess that you have done the best of what was available, given a short time visit. Remember me next time you come, you must, Athens is growing year by year to the popular international destination it deserves to be! Anyway, thank you again so very much for the positive way you looked at my city, you' re always welcome here!!!

  4. Marta Torres Reply

    Thank you for sharing. I specially like the travelogue format of your narrative. Great job guys!

  5. Srilakshmi R Reply

    lovely list! I am visiting Greece next week and I can hardly wait!

  6. Antigoni Tsarbopoulou Reply

    thanks in all the assholes that give us millions of dollars just to see our precious temples been drawn with graffiti
    and pay 3 times the price of the most times not down 10 euros food…Oh wait our country will destroy if the
    tourists donesnt come…JYST A JOKE HAHA

    not seriously is just a joke you are not assholes

  7. Pond - Savit Phithaklopanich Reply

    This video is really informative. Thank you!

  8. Crazy Gamerz Reply

    My dream is to visit Athens Greece as it like its mythology and I wanted to visit it.

  9. Zoya Reply

    An awesome video, thanks for sharing, you both did a great job!

  10. jjgreek1 Reply

    you guys ate too much fast food!

  11. Martin Kent Reply

    In Athens, many of the parents ignore traffic laws with their children. Many of these parents are civil servants. Youth in Greece deserve law-abiding, ethical and conscientious civil servants, their future depends upon it. Let's double traffic fines in capital cities and watch long overdue, law-abiding streets and adults appear, in Athens!!

  12. Martin Kent Reply

    Stin Athina, pollai gonesis agnooun tou kodika opikis kykloforias metapaidia tous. Pollai aftous tous goneisei nai dimosious servats neolaias stin Ellada axizoum nomo. Tageis ethika kai syneidisis dimosious ypallicous to melliou exartatai apo afto. As diplaprotima stis protevouses kai napara lolouthisete edo kai kairo nomo tageis dromous kai enilikes emfan izontai stin Athina

  13. Jeremy Kirkpatrick Reply

    The museum is fantastic but watch out for pickpockets outside

  14. JonathanParis1 Reply

    You definitely have to visit Lebanon guys ! You would love Beirut ! It is amazing ! Thanks for the videos 🙂

  15. Bob Fotoples Reply

    It's Mou-Sa-KAH–NOT Mou-SOCK-uh and Mount Lee-Kah-Vee-TOS. If you're going to talk about Athens and food, learn how to pronounce the names of the things you're discussing!

  16. Maria Luciani Reply

    S'agapo para poli Ellada!

  17. Seweryn Paczkowski Reply

    "Our first stop was one of the most recognized sights in Athens – the Parthenon"
    Common man! One of the most recognized sights in the world!
    Realize this is a food vlog but if you had some of the enthusiasm for the ancient sites as you did for cheese and pita you'd have a damn good video here.

  18. milan mm Reply

    she is cute

  19. zaglol nono Reply

    is there any type of activities, like funland

  20. Beyond 1000. Reply

    You two did a great job with this video. I'm Greek and Athens is a fun dynamic city. There maybe some pockets that are rundown but for the most part even the center is great to be in. The graffiti is the biggest problem in recent years but that will eventually be taken care of. The new generation is more observant and in time changes will be coming.

  21. The Advanced 271 Reply

    we are going on a field trip to Athens soon

  22. Dave Marinakis Reply

    great video thanks 🙂

  23. T. Reply

    What is good with bread and olives?

  24. Joe Schmuckatelli Reply

    Like oh my gaaawd more annoying loud-mouthed Americans overly enjoying average things.

  25. Evi Kouvari Reply


  26. Γιάννης Μαλακός Reply

    to pitogiro sandwitch wtf

  27. Kourofava Reply

    I really love this city! Thanx for the video guys

  28. Theodoros Kolokotronis Reply

    yeah because you go in the worst place for promote Athens…why?there is much more beautifull place but you go for nice view in Victoria square…the worst place…if you was in Rome or in London you start your video in the poor suparbs?

  29. Treneiro Vlog Reply

    Cool video. We will be visiting in May so I'm now checking out what we should see, thanks for cool tips

  30. GamingWithAkis Reply

    im greek and i live in Athens, and i recomend you to go to Santorini! its beautiful and very relaxing

  31. Evelyn Arhondi Reply

    Wow, you guys really spent your time here worthwhile!
    Here in Athens, we all know that our city is not as peachy as most tourists think; there are many things we need to work on.
    Non-the-less, thank you very much for your positive review!! I hope next time you visit you will have more time to discover the rest of Attica. Many regards from Greece!!

  32. ThisWorldSucks Reply

    I wonder where do you get the funds from for visiting one country let alone several.Its not cheap lol.

  33. Anthony Grant 2.0 Reply

    The Acropolis at night was "a pretty cool site"? Well that's nice.

  34. Pili Overney Reply

    when u were there??

  35. TheMissGina Reply

    I love visiting these "ancient" cities. So pretty and full of culture. The free student passes were a plus too! 😁

  36. John Simotas Reply

    So, basically you didn't leave dowtown at all……………

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