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12 Airport Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know | Brooklyn and Bailey

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  1. Brooklyn and Bailey Reply

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  2. Winni Lin Reply


  3. Ivy Reply

    I've never been on a plane and im traveling in a month so this helped a lot! Thanks!

  4. Gary Brown Reply

    I go on holiday on Wednesday

  5. They are great hacks. Can you fallow me on Snapchat Hollysnap22 /London Soben

  6. Nina Bonnane Reply

    u guys eyes are crazy pretty

  7. Dragongirl_ 98 Reply

    my bag is a rainbow so i dont think i need to tag it.

  8. Maisie&Jess Twins Reply

    I'm going on holiday in 14 days

  9. RG TV Reply

    your family is saw pretty

  10. Marie Reply

    you do know that you have to be at the airport 3 hours early

  11. Blazey Haleigh Reply

    This made me want to travel

  12. Abigail Jacksonville Reply

    I do too

  13. Mehar Arora Reply

    Could I pls have a shoutout!🌈

  14. Tota Best Reply

    guys react to your old vids

  15. SweetSimple 'Redz Reply

    you guys are super super cute!!!!

  16. Craft With me Reply

    I watched this with you thousand times❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎤🎤🎤🎤❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. WILLIAM Ha Reply


  18. Bea InKorea Reply

    Really smart tips!

  19. Hayy its Alex Reply

    I love your bags where did you get them!?

  20. Sweet Cupcake Reply

    where do you get that handy disinfectant on your backpack. omg i need that.

  21. Tina Rios Reply

    Like bringing gum? Is that a hack?

  22. Tina Rios Reply

    How are some of these hacks?

  23. Emma Moyer Reply

    Who has the shorter hair Brooklyn or Baily??

  24. gwyneth cate Reply

    Does anyone know where there backpacks are from?

  25. fattiima shah Reply

    what airport did you go to

  26. Audrey Ong Reply

    I also take one world

  27. Zoe Barlass Reply

    can you go to nz

  28. 101katieroo Reply

    I like how she says most luggage come in black, white, and red. Then this zebra print suitcase comes around like, uhhh you forgot about me

  29. Kari Ofte Reply

    blue is a common suitcase in my experience

  30. Anna Corradini Reply

    They have lively eye lashes

  31. Svenja ́s AupairVlog Reply

    Really cool and helpfull video!!

  32. Monkeys are Awesome Reply

    We always go to the airport 3 hours early because of the long line

  33. Lucy's diys xoxo Reply

    I always pack chewing gum and always hold my nose to poo my ears

  34. JasmineHeart Reply

    Their eyes are soo bright and blue!I wish I had their eyes.Any chance they are contacts?…No?…Okay😔

  35. Sara Heras Reply

    Brooklyn and Bailey i love this video and it has helped me and my family so much and my family arrive at the airport 3 hours earlier before our flight

  36. Mobey Dick Reply

    Hey, what if my luggage is different heights or I don't have a four-wheeled luggage.

  37. abdul rahem Reply

    loved it

  38. kayla harton Reply

    who else is on there iPhone 7 watching at the airport

  39. Brilliant Bobo Reply

    They have such beautiful eyes it's like looking at the ocean. 😊😊😊😍😍😍

  40. Girl vs Boys Reply

    to me

  41. Richelle Sangster Reply

    In holland we NEED to be 2 hours before the flight is planned

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  43. Mia Goodman Reply

    While I was watching this I was traveling

  44. Vikhasinee Karthikeyan Reply

    come to india,chennai

  45. Animoo Ayah Reply

    going to be on a 15 hour flight tomorrow ://

  46. Carlee Young Reply

    Brooklyn and Kamri look so much alike.

  47. shannonhbu Reply

    I'm 17
    Have never been on a plane
    And am travelling on my own

  48. Xrosey 11 Reply

    1 hour before! Girl please! I go to the Atlanta airport and I have to get there at least 3 hours before because that airport is bus to the Z

  49. Cadence Kirk Reply

    I go to the Phoenix airport and you should leave 3 hrs. before your flight so you have some time to relax love your vids

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